Our services for your product information.

Distributed information in the product life cycle.

User documentation, marketing materials, maintenance information: At every phase in the product life cycle, key product-related data and information is produced in various formats in your company. They are perfectly tailored to your specific purpose, but maybe there is a lack of the company-wide access that could achieve synergy effects.

New requirements due to digitalization.

As digitalization advances, the number of media and communication channels is increasing. Videos, virtual reality and augmented reality are now being used to explain technical subjects. External platforms such as YouTube are gaining ground. Networking and integration of technical information are more important than ever. Simply the requirement that information has to be available quickly, in context, in compliance with standards, and in the local language makes management of information and content absolutely essential.

cognitas. Your expert, innovative partner for networked information management.

Our services establish your networked information management across media and get you ready for digital transformation. We can create your traditional manuals and online help, as well as your virtual reality based training, or your digital assistance system based on augmented reality. We do this by developing new concepts, carrying out exhaustive research, creating, translating and localizing content, and supporting technical networking and provision.