For cognitas, the focus is always on you as the customer, with your specific needs and requirements. We do not see individuality and standardization as a contradiction but as essential to finding the right sustainable solution for you. We combine best-in-class standards from different industries with solutions individually tailored to your needs.

cognitas offers you strategic, organizational, process and system advice for your information management generally and for your technical documentation specifically.
cognitas ensures that you network not only the data and information in your company, but also the people and their knowledge.


Our Services

  • Optimization and quality improvement for your existing documentation and advice on which information products are necessary and effective for your products
  • Efficient design of your processes for creation and translation of the information and how you should ideally organize them
  • Selection and implementation of the most suitable system for your requirements for creation, management, and publication/distribution of your information
  • Implementation of modified workflows and new software, through to reliable implementation and adoption in your team

Benefits to You

  • cognitas sets you on the way to sustainable and tailored information management.
  • cognitas accompanies you on the way to efficient process flows.
  • cognitas adopts an integrated approach and is your partner every step of the way - from analysis to implementation.


Nick Lorenz

Operations & Implementation Manager