Digital Assistance

Industry 4.0 and the associated digitalization are changing the world of work to a massive extent. Networking is a key element in this. But it’s not just machines and systems that are networked - networking people and knowledge is also fundamental.

Digital assistance systems make a key contribution to the latter by enabling people to perform new, challenging, and cognitively complex activities. Digital assistance systems supply people with information precisely related to their relevant capabilities and the current context. They therefore help to solve unforeseen problems and deal with complex tasks, while simultaneously learning new things.

Whether you need an augmented reality application, illustrated spare parts catalog as an information platform, a modular instruction video, or a traditional online help - cognitas is always your expert partner.

Our Services

  • Development of a concept for effective use of digital assistance systems in your company: from the process to the perfect device through to data provision and security
  • Design and creation of innovative augmented reality applications
  • Planning, filming, production and post-production of modular instruction videos (utility films)
  • Effective creation and translation of online help: research, structuring, and creation of content
  • Design and creation of digital information platforms and applications

Benefits to You

  • cognitas is your innovation partner, offering you advice and support as you move towards digital transformation.
  • cognitas adopts an integrated approach: you have a single contact for development of digital assistance systems and for structuring and creation of the information that will be dynamically displayed in context in those systems.
  • cognitas uses innovative information applications to network your employees with the knowledge they need to perform their duties - ensuring faster access and effective completion of tasks.
  • cognitas reduces downtimes for your products, machines, and equipment by ensuring that accurate and context-sensitive information is provided.
  • cognitas uses digital assistance systems to reduce back office inquiries.


Martin Jung

Business Development Manager