Digital Training

Everyone knows the situation. A new product has been developed and brought to market, but neither operators nor service engineers are 100% capable of operating, maintaining, and repairing it. Why? They’ve not yet received sufficient training. Time-consuming and costly training, frequently worldwide and involving huge travel costs, are the necessary consequence.

cognitas offers blended learning services that enable you to make your training more effective, efficient, and economical. Blended learning involves combining different learning methods and media in an integrative training concept. This kind of approach helps staff to effectively build up knowledge, reliably apply it, and retain it in the long term.

It covers the entire process from development of a didactic concept to creation and combination of individual learning modules to produce learning paths, through to management and provision of the learning modules in a learning (content) management system (LMS/LCMS).


Our Services

  • Development of a didactic concept tailored to your products and target groups, and ensuring that the learning curve is significantly steeper and the forgetting curve is significantly flatter than with conventional training.
  • Effective creation of SCORM or xAPI compatible e-learning
  • Design and creation of CAD-based instruction videos and gamification modules
  • Design and creation of innovative virtual reality based training
  • Design and creation of innovative augmented reality based training
  • Effective creation and translation of training manuals: research, structuring, and creation of content

Benefits to You

  • cognitas links the content from technical documentation and training and, because it is a single source, generates added value for your company.
  • cognitas reduces the amount of cost-intensive face-to-face training by using e-learning and virtual reality, leading to a rapid return on investment (ROI).
  • cognitas ensures more effective and more efficient use of training time with a significantly steeper learning curve compared to traditional face-to-face training.
  • With its services and solutions, cognitas can help bring about a faster market launch for you and your products, as your service staff can be trained using virtual reality technology during development.



Martin Jung

Business Development Manager