Information Management and Content Delivery

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are leading to rapidly growing data volumes. The challenge for companies is to manage the flood of data, meet the requirements that digitalization entails, and to use datafication to create added value for every person who interacts with the product throughout the product life cycle.

Information management and content delivery combine the methods of information and content management with state of the art content delivery: using intelligent information and data models and sophisticated taxonomies, we structure the data to make it quick and easy to find. Our content management and delivery solutions ensure that, for any application, the necessary information from a range of data sources is identified, processed, and provided in the required output format for specific contexts and target groups.

In short, cognitas networks data, creates and optimizes information, and unlocks valuable knowledge with forward-looking solutions.


Our Services

  • Advice on modern content management and content delivery solutions
  • Design and implementation of intelligent information and data models
  • Development, implementation, and provision of content delivery applications
  • Printing and print logistics services

Benefits to You

  • cognitas is your innovation partner, offering you advice and support as you move towards digital transformation.
  • cognitas sets you on the way to sustainable and tailored information management.
  • cognitas uses innovative information applications to network your employees with the knowledge they need to perform their duties - ensuring faster access and effective completion of tasks.


Nick Lorenz

Operations & Implementation Manager