Technical Marketing

Whether we are talking about attracting or retaining customers - the right communication is crucial. Content should only be created once and then effectively distributed to different target groups across multiple channels - this is known as single source cross media publishing.

We help you to differentiate your advertising from the crowd, for example with effective multi-channel campaigns with a measurable response, by using innovative augmented reality applications for marketing, and by adopting new customer retention methods with our communication solutions.


Our Services

  • Design and creation of innovative augmented reality applications
  • Attractive design of your graphics, information products and marketing materials, all using your corporate design
  • Design and implementation of effective multi-channel campaigns with measurable response
  • Printing and print logistics services for all your marketing materials

Benefits to You

  • cognitas is your innovation partner, offering you advice and support as you move towards digital transformation.
  • cognitas increases your customer retention and customer satisfaction through targeted marketing using customized communication materials and diverse communication channels.
  • cognitas helps to strengthen your brands by ensuring that you can communicate your advertising messages on all channels.
  • cognitas ensures faster market launch by combining data from different systems in a way that is profitable and beneficial for you.


Elvis Turanovic

Senior Sales Manager